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“I wish there was someone like Lisa at other times in my life when I needed someone to just listen and be there for me. She is non-judgmental and knows instinctively how to get the best out of myself without putting too much pressure, yet achieving the results I wanted. Thank you for your gift and most of all, thanking you for caring about me.”
Ling Li, Finance Executive, Singapore.

"Thank you Lisa. Your observations and gentle guidance helped me gain insight into where my obstacles lie. I am now truly on the way to success in achieving my goals."
Alvin Soon, Entrepreneur, Singapore.

"You will experience an intelligent, compassionate professional when you have a coaching session with Lisa.  She hears and listens to you with her mind and heart...using both to guide you in finding within yourself the answers you seek."
Quinton Long, Life Coach, Moved To Action Now, Dallas, Texas, USA

“Whenever I have a personal issue, Lisa and Lionel always ask me to be open and receive whatever comes, having no attachment to the outcome. I felt better after hearing that from the both of them. Many times we always want and expect certain outcomes. I learnt then that perfection is an illusion. I was very impressed and helped by their views and coaching.” - Angela Oh, Sales Director, Denbenham Tie Leung (SEA) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Lionel offers a mirror that many of my friends could not and has been able to help me see my truth, even when it felt ugly and horrible to look at. By seeing those truths, I was able to to see myself from an even higher place, a place of acceptance, love, and power.

Lionel's gift, like any great teacher, is to open one up to the limitless potential and perfection that exists within all of us. Rather than providing answers, he sets the stage for us to find the answers within ourselves, and remains there as an active force to keep us living and moving towards the answers we find.
Adam Kimont, Musical Director - Voyage de la Vie, Resorts World Sentosa

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