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About Our Coach

LionelBorn and raised in Singapore, Lionel has been grounded in the ways of Asian living and since a very young age, lived by the core values of being a good and filial family member. After going through personal challenges and compulsory national service in the military forces, he learnt what it entailed to be a man of upright standing and integrity – a man on a mission.

Lionel’s authenticity and values when in connection with people allows him to have deeper relationships with those he comes into contact with. He has continuously stretched his own limits and delved further in personal development works, and more recently into ways of guiding others to have more clarity and live with greater purpose. Combined with his martial arts background, he is ready to help those willing to step forward to play a bigger game in life and being who they are called and destined to be.*

Graduating with a degree in Communications from University of Canberra, Australia, Lionel’s life experiences took him on a journey of pursuing his dream of running his own business, leading him to work in a variety of capacities, chiefly in the publishing and international cleaning industries. He also integrates his many years of working as an Events and Conference Consultant, Editor and Entrepreneur to offer his own way of helping individuals to live better lives than they already are.

Meeting his life partner at a rather young age, his family was formed earlier than most of his peers would have done so then. In 2005, life seemed rosy until a turn of events brought him to a brink of near-bankruptcy and near-death. He had somehow lost sight of what had been most important to him – his relationships with his loved ones, especially his wife. Fearing the worst for his wife who  was thinking that suicide was less painful than living through the relationship he had with her then, he decided in that moment that something needed to change and fast. That was a moment of awakening for him.

With the support of friends, his journey eventually brought him to a series of life-changing seminars and courses where Lionel continued to work towards a better life. He promised himself that things will never be the same again and that he would offer everything of himself to help others do the same for themselves, just as he had. 

Lionel currently lives in Singapore and happily married with 2 children. He continues to travel to learn more about and spread the work of life-changing events, such as Predicament at Enlightened Warrior Training Camps and The Opening, to anyone ready for a real and lasting change.

He has spoken to numerous groups and coached individuals about transformation through living from the ‘Here and Now’ way of life and is fully living the life of a Spiritual Warrior who is answering the call to serve as many people as he can.  You are sure to enjoy his easy, candid nature and deep connection as he continues to walk on this exciting journey of living life, fully open to every possibility imaginable. As he likes to say, “Life is always full of MIRACLES, moment by moment, if only we are awakened to notice them.”

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