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I have had wide ranging career experience in the arts, health care, publishing and events management. I also have been a student of personal development and the Life Coaching process for many years. I left my successful corporate career to live in harmony with my own inner values, and to help others achieve the success and happiness that we all deserve. I believe that we can all contribute the most to our family, our community and our planet when we are doing work that we love and living a happy and personally fulfilling life.

Despite what society, or even experience, might tell you...this is not hard! It is easy when you remove obstacles, release worry and fear, change limiting beliefs, discover your deepest values and develop an inspiring vision for your life. So why would you want me as a life coach?

  • I am successfully living my dreams, running my own business, with plenty of free time for family and creative pursuits
  • I have been a student of human empowerment and motivation from a young age and have been involved in the coaching profession for years, even as I pursued my traditional careers
  • I have a knack for recognizing the underlying principles behind human behaviour, creation, and performance, especially in the areas of relationships and emotions
  • I will tell it exactly as I see it
  • I will encourage and/or challenge you to determine your own most important goals and values and live up to them
  • I will help you discover, for yourself, the intrinsic and extrinsic value of happiness
  • I will help you develop your own sources of motivation
  • I will ask the questions you never thought to ask, in your life and in your business
  • My clients get results and lead fuller lives
  • Most importantly, I truly care about you. Your personal transformation is what really counts to me.
I am also a member of The International Coaching Federation (ICF)), the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. ICF members like myself agree to a Code of Ethics that adds professionalism to the industry, ensuring that the coaching sessions clients have with their coach, remain at the highest possible standards

I am also a ‘Certified Professional Coach’ with the International Coaching Federation. Please view to find out more about this benchmark of coaching excellence recognised worldwide.

Internation Coach Federation

I am confident in you and what you can achieve - so let's work together to make it happen; Not next year, or next month, but today!

Ready to find out if coaching with me is the right thing for you? Contact us at, and let me know a little bit about you and your requests - I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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